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The art department tech guys are my new heroes. They took apart my old laptop, fixed the drive, backed up all my files, then put the laptop back together and got it working again. And that was all after they were worried that the drive was fried and that they wouldn't be able to get anything off of it. So I've got my shiny new laptop all set up, transferred the files that I hadn't managed to back up, and everything is set to go!

Now I just have to finish my last presentation and papers.
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This has been an exciting semester for my appliances. First my phone died, so I had to buy a new one. Then my turn signal light burned out, so I had to replace that (and now I know how to change car lightbulbs, because I did it myself). Then one of tires went flat, so I had to have that fixed (the garage did it for free, which was impressive!). Now my computer died on me this morning. People at school are going to look at it tomorrow to see if it's fixable, but my laptop is six years old, so I'm not sure how that will go. In the meantime one of my friends loaned me his extra laptop, which is the tiniest thing ever! 9 by 7 inches! The apostrophe is in a completely different row.

I can't remember if our refrigerator died this semester or last semester. Either way, it's new!


Feb. 17th, 2009 10:39 am
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So far this week:
Electricity outages: 2/2

I would really appreciate it if the power would STAY ON for the rest of the week. This is ridiculous.
But at least it's back on now.
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No electricity yesterday.

No hot water today, and none to be had until tomorrow because apparently the hot water heater has been leaking (which finally answers the question about why our utilities bill has been high).

Can this week please be over now?

I just want some time to be able to sit down and write about traveling and monsters.

At least we have electricity today, and cold water.
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Does anyone reading this know how to use Junicode? I need to be able to type in Anglo-Saxon, and I can figure out the ash, but I cannot for the life of me find the wyn or the thorn. And the directions make no sense whatsoever, and they're not even proper directions.


This situation led to me yelling that THIS IS WHY ANGLO-SAXON DIED OUT! I CAN'T TYPE IN IT! THIS IS WHY IT IS A DEAD LANGUAGE. (disregarding the fact that it evolved into Modern English. Eventually).

And then my roommate (who is an Anglo-Saxonist, but doesn't know how to type it - this is for palaeography, our professor told us we should download this font, it's brilliant, you can use for transcription, etc. etc. etc.) decided to yell back that NO, THIS IS THE BLASTED NORMANS' FAULT. IF THEY HAD STAYED IN FRANCE, THINGS WOULD BE MUCH BETTER! AND CLEARLY THIS IS ONE MORE EXAMPLE OF NORMAN OPPRESSION AND THEIR NON-ANGLO-SAXON COMPATIBLE COMPUTER SYSTEMS.

I'm going to have to resort to using a pencil and paper for my homework, oh the horror.

mood: Photobucket blasted normans.
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at home! I almost can't believe it! So, I changed the colors of my weblog. Also, but not in relation to, I made bread today! I feel so productive!

Apparently I can't just stick the link from my photo page at ofoto.com on here anymore and have the pictures show up. Any ideas?
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I had an amazingly circular and not so productive time with Cesky Telekom today. I think that when I get online, to celebrate I'm going to change the colors of my weblog again.

Now, onto group lasagne and Wallace & Grommit!


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