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I had my presentation on my Gerald of Wales illustrated manuscript today, and it went swimmingly! So that's two down, one to go - next week it's the one for my Christine de Pizan course. So for the rest of the week I need to whip up a presentation for that one and start turning my Renaissance and medieval presentations into actual papers. Ones that can be turned in without disgracing myself, preferably.

I cannot wait for summer. I'm going to paint, and finish up some of the knitting projects, and rip up a blouse that I made ages ago and fix it. It's from a bought pattern that's based on a Chinese design, and I just don't like having things around my neck, so the collar has got to come off and the neckline is going to have to go a bit wider. Then I'll actually wear it more, which is the point. The fabric is this really pretty blue with dragonflies (yay fabric store! I miss you!)

Also I'll have time to study Latin and German (in case I fail the German reading test this term, which is entirely possible since I haven't had any time to study. Maybe I'll get lucky and pass).

In the meantime, everything is blooming here, which is gorgeous, and there's pollen everywhere, which is horrifying. Especially how after it rains (that needs to happen more) the pools of water look like radioactive green liquid has spilled everywhere. I have to admit that I do like the spring/fall weather down here, but I still intend on moving back north (if I can find a job!) once I finish grad school. Which is going to be a while. Sigh. But! Summer soon! Last summer was pretty amazing. Hopefully I'll get the same job again (mindless, but I'm not going to complain!), and I do have two conferences to attend, so that should be exciting.

EDIT: Oh and my flatmate is planning to conduct experiments on our spoons this summer, because we still have no idea how she managed to blow up those other three. This is what she plots while she thinks about papers. I plot sewing and painting projects, but I am all in favor of exploding spoon experiments FOR SCIENCE.
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The important thing to know about today is that I had to chase a lizard around my room. I managed to catch it after much travail, and returned it to the wilds of outdoors. And then I had to put my room back together, because I pulled books off of my bookshelf, bins out from under my bed, moved houseplants, and displaced papers while in pursuit. The lizard wasn't anything to worry about - it was one of the tiny ones, only about two inches long, but I didn't want it taking up permanent residence in my room.

My flatmate thought it was hilarious, but helped by fetching containers with which to try and trap the lizard, and keeping an eye on where it was as I stumbled over my piles of books.

It's spring break for us this week! Which means lots of research that is uninterrupted by classes, but interrupted by things like socializing and movies. I'm a bit miffed with the weather right now, because I wanted to go to the beach for a day, and the weather can't decide if it wants to be sunny, or possibly rain. Oh well, I'll go this summer when it's hot. It would just be nice weather for walking up and down the beach at this point, which I would enjoy.

Also, my flatmate managed to explode another of my spoons. We still have no idea how. So I bought some more (inexpensive ones) and she has decided to restrict herself to the black-handled ones which have so far proved impervious to whatever it is that she does to make them explode.


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