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When I woke up this morning, there was snow on the ground! And it snowed all through church until... it rained. And now the snow is gone. But, as Scarlett O'Hara points out, "Tomorrow is another day."

I love internet streaming radio almost as much as I love the BBC, because it lets me hear "Prairie Home Companion," and I think the new drama section, "Ruth Harrison, Reference Librarian" is awesome!

26 days until Christmas holidays (and the trans-Atlantic flight, bleah)!
15 days until St. Mikulas' day (and chaos breaks out in Old Town)!
10 days until Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is released in Czech (and we scramble to find an English showing)!
?? days until the Christmas carp hit the street!
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to Rob and Audrey on their engagement yesterday! I love weddings! And engagement parties! The secret invitation to the party was pretty amusing -- the main points were that: if you wanted to get into the party at the Davis', you had to press the doorbell buzzer with their name on it, although if you wanted to meet a stranger, you could press any of the other buzzers. There was also the threat that if you came in a t-shirt, no one would speak to you.

It snowed today! It didn't stick inside the Prague, of course, but apparently it did in the surrounding countryside.

What is it with fathers in British children's literature? They seem to be obsessed with accounting. In Mary Poppins, Mr. Banks tells Mrs. Banks that they can either afford a nice house, or four children. Happily for the children, she chooses to keep Jane, Michael and the twins. In Peter Pan, Mr. Darling goes over the expenses each time a new child arrives, and while Wendy and John make it, Michael barely gets to stay. Shocking!

I really need to stop assuming that what I know is common knowledge -- swashbuckling and the fact that the Grimm brothers collected German fairy tales are apparently not the widespread facts that I thought the were. Although today I did get a really good definition of swashbuckling -- when asked, Carrie immediately started swordfighting in the lobby of the movie theater, hurrah!

Another of my odd dreams for the record: I got to fly again (hurrah!) and in the meantime, there were a lot of Star Wars characters running around a little town in Germany. I have no idea how they got there.


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