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I've been working on drafts of my dissertation chapters all summer at my parents', since I didn't have anywhere to come back to after London, and now I'm moving back into town with a new flatmate and getting ready for TAing two classes in the fall and teaching one in the spring. I had a three-day drive back from Kansas, and now I'm very nearly finished unpacking!

I'm on a medieval list-serv, so I get lots of conference calls for papers, and I just got a pretty fascinating one for next year's International Congress in Kalamazoo: the Societas Daemonetica is having a "Hell Studies" session, and the theme this year is "Jailbreaking Hell," and it's going to be about hell's boundaries, hellmouths, and "figures who pass through (and around) its gates." Nothing to do with my topic, but hellmouths are pretty interesting in medieval art, so it would be fascinating session to attend if I have a good reason to attend Kalamazoo next year.

Florida being Florida, it just started pouring outside, while simultaneously being brightly sunny. I think I had gotten myself to forget what the humidity here is really like. I am enjoying seeing everyone again, though.
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I had my presentation on my Gerald of Wales illustrated manuscript today, and it went swimmingly! So that's two down, one to go - next week it's the one for my Christine de Pizan course. So for the rest of the week I need to whip up a presentation for that one and start turning my Renaissance and medieval presentations into actual papers. Ones that can be turned in without disgracing myself, preferably.

I cannot wait for summer. I'm going to paint, and finish up some of the knitting projects, and rip up a blouse that I made ages ago and fix it. It's from a bought pattern that's based on a Chinese design, and I just don't like having things around my neck, so the collar has got to come off and the neckline is going to have to go a bit wider. Then I'll actually wear it more, which is the point. The fabric is this really pretty blue with dragonflies (yay fabric store! I miss you!)

Also I'll have time to study Latin and German (in case I fail the German reading test this term, which is entirely possible since I haven't had any time to study. Maybe I'll get lucky and pass).

In the meantime, everything is blooming here, which is gorgeous, and there's pollen everywhere, which is horrifying. Especially how after it rains (that needs to happen more) the pools of water look like radioactive green liquid has spilled everywhere. I have to admit that I do like the spring/fall weather down here, but I still intend on moving back north (if I can find a job!) once I finish grad school. Which is going to be a while. Sigh. But! Summer soon! Last summer was pretty amazing. Hopefully I'll get the same job again (mindless, but I'm not going to complain!), and I do have two conferences to attend, so that should be exciting.

EDIT: Oh and my flatmate is planning to conduct experiments on our spoons this summer, because we still have no idea how she managed to blow up those other three. This is what she plots while she thinks about papers. I plot sewing and painting projects, but I am all in favor of exploding spoon experiments FOR SCIENCE.
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It's close to the end of term, and so everyone in my department is getting close to having breakdowns, because we're all giving presentations and scrambling to write our papers. (I have presentations this Wednesday, next Monday, and the Thursday after that, and my papers are due April 19, 21, and 27).

Anyway, the point is that no one's really thinking too clearly right now.

So I came home after class and was talking to my flatmate about papers and presentations, and the fact that she decided to go grocery shopping and clean her room today.

Then I went to the kitchen to see what I could make for dinner.

me: UUUMMMMMMMMM! Is this library book supposed to be in the refrigerator? It's by Augustine, if that makes any difference!

I heard a "thunk" and looked around the corner to where my flatmate, N, was hitting her head against the wall.

me: I take it that's a "no." Here's the book.
N: I spent forty minutes looking for that book!
me: It was on top of your box of celery. You must have put it away with the groceries.
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The redeeming feature of having to go to the university to collect research books on the weekend is that you can watch the knights practicing on the green in front of the library. No horses, of course, and their armor's a bit iffy, but it's entertaining, nonetheless. Also incredibly random.


May. 1st, 2009 10:13 pm
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My family is all arriving, tomorrow is graduation (I think I'll hide something to read in the sleeves of my gown), and then off to the beach until Wednesday, when I start work!

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I just dropped off my last paper and project, so I am completely done with school for the year!
Except for distilling a conference paper proposal out of my thesis. But that doesn't count.

My family is coming to see me graduate this Friday, and then we're going to the beach for a few days! (proving that there are benefits to going to school in the south).

I have a summer job lined up doing data entry type work that begins after my family leaves and runs til mid-July. Happily we will be allowed to bring music to listen to while entering the data.

SO, I am suddenly faced with the prospect of free time, which leads to this question:


any suggestions?
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After many installations, instructions on using Unicode, and researching Unicode symbols, my computer system is super-duper-up-to-date AND I CAN TYPE IN ANGLO-SAXON!!!!



And now, if I want to accomplish anything during spring break, I should probably start editing.

~~~ Þþ ~~~ Ðð ~~~ Ƿƿ ~~~ Ȝȝ ~~~

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If I survive this week, I might survive the rest of the semester.

- I have a presentation in class tomorrow (part of my horrible Wednesdays, I'm stuck in two back-to-back three-hour courses).
- I'm trying to turn in chapter three of my thesis... tomorrow. Erm.
- Everyone in the department has been roped into getting ready for Vagantes.
- I think my paper for that is done. I present on Saturday, regardless.

So. Yeah.

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I'm DONE! and doing my "I'm done!" dance.
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Ok, I have my prospectus and the first of my papers turned in. So I need to finish writing one, then edit it and the other paper, then turn both of them in before 5 tomorrow. And I took my French Reading exam on Saturday, I think it went well.

PS- British Library, any time you want to tell me what the status of my image order is, that would be awesome.
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So now I have one (very) rough draft done and two to go.
But first, some sleep.
I cannot wait until this semester is over.
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I wrote five pages of my twenty-page paper for Propaganda today, so I feel moderately accomplished. So, fifteen more pages for this one, twenty for Pilgrimage, and twelve for Meso all due on December 5th and 9th. If only I actually knew what was going on in the Mesoamerican art I'm supposed to be writing about...

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