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I go swing dancing on Friday nights with the university club, and it's fantastic. Consequently I usually end up staying up past my bedtime, given that my summer schedule means that I have to work Saturday mornings. But those members of the club who stay 'til the end of the night (around 11pm) usually go out to get something to eat after dancing. This week it was frozen yogurt.

While we were sitting around talking, N told us that she had inherited a frozen turkey from our friend S when he moved to Chicago. Setting aside the bogglement that S had bought a large frozen turkey, presumably a year in advance, N explained that she didn't really have space to keep it, and would we be interested in having a Thanksgiving dinner, preferably tomorrow or Sunday, since she was thawing the turkey? The response was a resounding, if moderately flabbergasted, yes.

So a bunch of people I know from various activities (as well as people I hadn't yet met) showed up at N's house with Thanksgiving-y side dishes last night, and it was delicious. After that we watched "Strictly Ballroom," since the swing dancers had been discussing dance movies earlier. Then of course, we all felt like dancing, but it was late, so that will just have wait.
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1. my friends
2. water, and being in it
3. being alive in general
4. cake

Today I had my second annual birthday pool party (a bit early, my birthday is Monday and I will have survived 29 years, yesssss!) -- my apartment complex has a pool and I had such a good response last year that I decided it needed to happen again this year. I was a bit concerned that I didn't have enough food, but when my friends showed up, at least half of them brought food and/or drinks, so now I have more left over than I did to start with, including some really amazing cupcakes! It was an extremely good evening.

5. dancing

I went contra dancing last night, which is always fun, and next Friday there should be swing dancing on campus, so I'm definitely going to that!

6. my brother!

And then my brother called right when I got home!

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It's close to the end of term, and so everyone in my department is getting close to having breakdowns, because we're all giving presentations and scrambling to write our papers. (I have presentations this Wednesday, next Monday, and the Thursday after that, and my papers are due April 19, 21, and 27).

Anyway, the point is that no one's really thinking too clearly right now.

So I came home after class and was talking to my flatmate about papers and presentations, and the fact that she decided to go grocery shopping and clean her room today.

Then I went to the kitchen to see what I could make for dinner.

me: UUUMMMMMMMMM! Is this library book supposed to be in the refrigerator? It's by Augustine, if that makes any difference!

I heard a "thunk" and looked around the corner to where my flatmate, N, was hitting her head against the wall.

me: I take it that's a "no." Here's the book.
N: I spent forty minutes looking for that book!
me: It was on top of your box of celery. You must have put it away with the groceries.
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The important thing to know about today is that I had to chase a lizard around my room. I managed to catch it after much travail, and returned it to the wilds of outdoors. And then I had to put my room back together, because I pulled books off of my bookshelf, bins out from under my bed, moved houseplants, and displaced papers while in pursuit. The lizard wasn't anything to worry about - it was one of the tiny ones, only about two inches long, but I didn't want it taking up permanent residence in my room.

My flatmate thought it was hilarious, but helped by fetching containers with which to try and trap the lizard, and keeping an eye on where it was as I stumbled over my piles of books.

It's spring break for us this week! Which means lots of research that is uninterrupted by classes, but interrupted by things like socializing and movies. I'm a bit miffed with the weather right now, because I wanted to go to the beach for a day, and the weather can't decide if it wants to be sunny, or possibly rain. Oh well, I'll go this summer when it's hot. It would just be nice weather for walking up and down the beach at this point, which I would enjoy.

Also, my flatmate managed to explode another of my spoons. We still have no idea how. So I bought some more (inexpensive ones) and she has decided to restrict herself to the black-handled ones which have so far proved impervious to whatever it is that she does to make them explode.
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The exciting news is that today I found out that I've been accepted as a panelist on the "Travel in Early Middle English Texts" session at the International Congress on Medieval Studies at Kalamazoo! As such, I will be presenting a paper based on part of my thesis there next May, and then I'll get to witness all the zaniness that I hear about first hand! And I'll get to see the professor who directed my thesis! It's all going to be terribly thrilling.

But first I need to survive this week.


May. 1st, 2009 10:13 pm
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My family is all arriving, tomorrow is graduation (I think I'll hide something to read in the sleeves of my gown), and then off to the beach until Wednesday, when I start work!

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I just dropped off my last paper and project, so I am completely done with school for the year!
Except for distilling a conference paper proposal out of my thesis. But that doesn't count.

My family is coming to see me graduate this Friday, and then we're going to the beach for a few days! (proving that there are benefits to going to school in the south).

I have a summer job lined up doing data entry type work that begins after my family leaves and runs til mid-July. Happily we will be allowed to bring music to listen to while entering the data.

SO, I am suddenly faced with the prospect of free time, which leads to this question:


any suggestions?
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After many installations, instructions on using Unicode, and researching Unicode symbols, my computer system is super-duper-up-to-date AND I CAN TYPE IN ANGLO-SAXON!!!!



And now, if I want to accomplish anything during spring break, I should probably start editing.

~~~ Þþ ~~~ Ðð ~~~ Ƿƿ ~~~ Ȝȝ ~~~

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Mar. 7th, 2009 07:59 pm
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Yay, the conference is done, there were lots of interesting papers, and I'm told that mine was good. Now I can have spring break! I already know what non-scholastic activities I want to do! (Go to the beach, if the weather stays nice!)
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If I survive this week, I might survive the rest of the semester.

- I have a presentation in class tomorrow (part of my horrible Wednesdays, I'm stuck in two back-to-back three-hour courses).
- I'm trying to turn in chapter three of my thesis... tomorrow. Erm.
- Everyone in the department has been roped into getting ready for Vagantes.
- I think my paper for that is done. I present on Saturday, regardless.

So. Yeah.

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When I woke up this morning, there was snow on the ground! And it snowed all through church until... it rained. And now the snow is gone. But, as Scarlett O'Hara points out, "Tomorrow is another day."

I love internet streaming radio almost as much as I love the BBC, because it lets me hear "Prairie Home Companion," and I think the new drama section, "Ruth Harrison, Reference Librarian" is awesome!

26 days until Christmas holidays (and the trans-Atlantic flight, bleah)!
15 days until St. Mikulas' day (and chaos breaks out in Old Town)!
10 days until Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is released in Czech (and we scramble to find an English showing)!
?? days until the Christmas carp hit the street!


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