Jun. 30th, 2010 01:07 pm
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I got around to finishing one of my knitting projects last night, thus pictures. I think I'll have to take some better ones when it's not a dark and rainy day.



The head isn't quite right - I think I'd adjust the pattern before putting my notes up on ravelry, but I'm generally pleased. Here is what I was working from, also see my appropriate icon.

Right now it's hanging out with my Dalek. Next I think I want to try a cute Totoro pattern that I saw on ravelry. You know, in between finishing the cardigan I'm making for myself and the arm warmers that I'm making for my flatmate. (Also, I'm rather pleased with how that travel-fabric-pillow that I made a few years ago turned out; I think that was the second time I'd made piping).



May. 29th, 2010 05:35 pm
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Apparently today is a day for several short, random posts.

But! In case anyone who reads this likes to knit (or crochet, etc.), I suggest that you join ravelry! I've been on for a while (I'm colorwheel there, in case you wanted to find me), and they have lots of great FREE patterns along with those for sale by designers. I got a (free!) pattern for the hat for my brother that I just finished there, along with many others. This hat is meant to look like one of those chompy monsters from the Super Mario games has gotten loose and chomped onto your head. It makes me laugh!

Of course, I wanted to make a colorful hat, but my brother said, "NO, I WANT ANOTHER BLACK HAT. IN FACT, WILL YOU MAKE ME ANOTHER HAT WITH SKULLS ON IT? I WEAR THIS ONE ALL THE TIME. IT MAY EVENTUALLY WEAR OUT!" To which I replied, "NO. No more skulls until that one actually falls apart. Then I'll make a new one. What about this chomp one instead?" Hopefully he'll send a picture and then I'll post it. According to the pattern, you were supposed to make a chain to connect at the top of the hat. (Of course, I rarely follow patterns exactly. Actually, the only thing I took from this pattern was the basic idea). We couldn't decide if that was good or not, so I had a brainwave and used a snap to make a detachable chain.
me: The chain dangling reminds me of a medieval liripipe. Sort of. Vaguely. It just does.
Ethan: hahaha
me: probably this is not the usual response.
Ethan: it WOULD remind you of something medieval.

Thank goodness for instant messenger programs. It makes cross-continental heckling of my brother so much easier.

I'm also making a hat for his girlfriend for her birthday. I refused to make it black. It's going to be gray, with pandas. I adapted the World Wildlife Fund logo. (They need to wear more color! I think the pandas will be colorful pandas).


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