Jul. 8th, 2012 10:10 pm
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Yesterday I went to my friend J's flat for what I understood to be a belated Independence Day party where a group was going to watch the musical "1776." When J opened her door and let me in, a bunch of my friends, sitting on the various couches, all yelled, "SURPRISE!"

me: I- wait- I'm... not surprised that you're all here?
J: We have English food!
me: Okay...
E: I was afraid I wasn't going to make it here before you!
me: But- I saw you- I was right behind you in the parking lot...
E: I know!
me: I'm so confused. What am I surprised about?
K: You're going away!
me: Oh. OH! Thank you!...?
J: We're still watching "1776."
me: Okay.

Then the group all continued to look at me as I awkwardly took my sandals off so I could come in properly, so I decided I needed a cup of tea, which broke things up and then we could all start eating the "English" food. I'm not sure where they came up with the menu, but there were open faced sandwiches with cucumbers and shrimp and some sort of sauce, lemon bars, crackers with egg salad, and snickerdoodles. J had bought English breakfast tea and pulled out all the other types she had, so I guess that was legitimizing English factor.

I was surprised that J had managed to invite art historians and people from my church small group, since she goes to a different church - our overlap is swing dancing. But she had met J (a guy from art history) at a party last week, and she already knew B (a guy who goes to my small group and also swing dances). So she was resourceful.

We also discussed the relative inappropriateness of the party theme.
me: So... we're having tea and "English food," and we're watching "1776"?
J: Yeah, I couldn't find another time, so I figured we should just combine the parties! I got J to invite the art historians, and B invited your church people, but then he's not coming because he has to go to the beach. I think.
me: Doesn't he hate the beach?
J: That's what I thought too.

And then F played the song "No Place Like London" from "Sweeney Todd" in an effort to deter me from leaving.

So then at church this evening, H and C (a married couple from my small group) wanted to know how the party was, since they hadn't been able to come. H at first thought it was my birthday, but knew that was wrong, while C thought the party meant that I was leaving immediately. I had to explain that no, J decided that she just needed to have the party now because she wouldn't be around when I actually left.

I also saw B, who wanted to know how the party was, discuss the irony of combining a going-away-to-London-for-a-year party with watching "1776," and explain his beach trip.
B: My co-advisor is back in town, and decided we should have a barbecue. At the beach.
me: And you hate the beach.
B: I do hate the beach! Also, I feel like I've lost 18 hours since he's been back in town! It may not actually be related to the fact that he's back- things may just be getting busier, but I'm going to blame it on him, because now I have to go to weekly meetings. Which are good. But still meetings. And he made us go to the beach.

I'm actually pretty well packed. This whole process is just being somewhat complicated by the fact that I'm going to visit family in Oregon for ten days, starting at the end of the week. In getting ready for the trip, I've been looking at the e-books available from the library, since then I could just take my nook along. I've come to the conclusion that at least half of the sci-fi/fantasy books available electronically are about vampires.
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Tonight at small group we had cake for Erin and Bryan, who have birthdays this weekend. We started clapping after we sang for them, but Bryan started waving his hands around. "Wait! Hold your applause! There's more! That is, it's on Sunday, there's brunch at the cafe, and it's going to happen at 10:30!"
"What is, brunch?"
"Yes! And also, the chef looks like David Bowie, so maybe there'll be some singing."
Erin got a word in- "Like, Labyrinth singing?"
"No, no."
"So it's not Labyrinth David Bowie?" Jessica asked.
"No, it's like... It's like Prestige David Bowie, who no one recognizes as David Bowie."
"Ah, Tesla David Bowie," I clarified.
"Exactly," answered Bryan. "Although he doesn't sing in that. Hopefully he will on Sunday. So, 10:30. Be there."
"Also," Erin interjected, "I was hoping for a St. George trip... So, get up early, go to the first church service, brunch, apparently with David Bowie, then the beach...?"

Most of us go to the 5pm service and several people are involved in it in one way or another, so the beach part might need rescheduling. Anyway, brunch ought to be interesting. All of this reminded me that when I had been on campus for a teaching conference earlier today, I saw a guy doing the ball rolling trick from Labyrinth with what appeared to be a red stress ball.
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I go swing dancing on Friday nights with the university club, and it's fantastic. Consequently I usually end up staying up past my bedtime, given that my summer schedule means that I have to work Saturday mornings. But those members of the club who stay 'til the end of the night (around 11pm) usually go out to get something to eat after dancing. This week it was frozen yogurt.

While we were sitting around talking, N told us that she had inherited a frozen turkey from our friend S when he moved to Chicago. Setting aside the bogglement that S had bought a large frozen turkey, presumably a year in advance, N explained that she didn't really have space to keep it, and would we be interested in having a Thanksgiving dinner, preferably tomorrow or Sunday, since she was thawing the turkey? The response was a resounding, if moderately flabbergasted, yes.

So a bunch of people I know from various activities (as well as people I hadn't yet met) showed up at N's house with Thanksgiving-y side dishes last night, and it was delicious. After that we watched "Strictly Ballroom," since the swing dancers had been discussing dance movies earlier. Then of course, we all felt like dancing, but it was late, so that will just have wait.
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1. my friends
2. water, and being in it
3. being alive in general
4. cake

Today I had my second annual birthday pool party (a bit early, my birthday is Monday and I will have survived 29 years, yesssss!) -- my apartment complex has a pool and I had such a good response last year that I decided it needed to happen again this year. I was a bit concerned that I didn't have enough food, but when my friends showed up, at least half of them brought food and/or drinks, so now I have more left over than I did to start with, including some really amazing cupcakes! It was an extremely good evening.

5. dancing

I went contra dancing last night, which is always fun, and next Friday there should be swing dancing on campus, so I'm definitely going to that!

6. my brother!

And then my brother called right when I got home!

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