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I decided to clean my desk today, mostly to get rid of all the papers that I accumulate. Besides finding a lot of drawings that I needed to stick in my notebook, I found some more quotes and observations!

While going to Moravsky Krumlov on a field trip to see Alfons Mucha's cycle of paintings called "the Slavic Epic" we saw a pheasant run across the road. One of the smaller children screamed, "Look! a chicken!"

When we stopped for gas a bunch of kids went into the McDonald's (oh yes, they're everywhere) for snacks. While inside, I noticed that while the restaraunt boasted of an internet connection, it had no napkins.

Once more on the road, we were passed by a truck carrying a stack of doors for metro train cars.

in church
man making announcements: ... And the whole church is invited to Carrie & Matthias' wedding. We'll be able to celebrate as they're joined in holy matrimony!
Carrie, rather loudly: In holy WHAT??
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Since it's a Czech Independence day today, we didn't have school starting on Wednesday! So one of my fellow teachers and I decided to take advantage of our freedom and check out more of the Czech Republic. We took the train to Podebrady (it's not that far from Prague). It turned out to be a very good pre-Halloween trip. We ate at the restaurant Netopyr (the Batcave!), and wandered the town with some of our friends who live there. It turns out that one of their daughters loves black cats (she has one named Susan) and the other has skeleton dolls. (She also has normal ones, but really likes the skeletons. There is a long justification for this that I'm not going to take the time to include. While with them, Mindy and I also got a lot of Christmas shopping done! All I can say here is that I found some really stellar presents.

Then we went to Kolin, and Kutna Hora, where we saw the Bone Church. Apparently some monk was sent on a trip to the Holy Lands in the Middle Ages and brought back some dirt, which he sprinkled in the church yard. Suddenly, people from all over Europe wanted to be buried there, in hopes that more holy ground would give the a better chance of entrance to heaven. All went well, until the Plague hit. Then tons of bones were piled up against the charnel house walls in the churchyard. In the 1800s, someone decided it would be a good idea to do something with all of these bones, and gave the job to a half-blind monk, who managed to decorate the chapel with some really... interesting objects, including a chandelier comprised of every type of bone from the human body, pyramids of skulls and bones, and a coat of arms comprised of bones. It's all very fascinating, of course, but incredibly grotesque. There's some interesting reading material in the church about the symbolism of mortality, and the resurrection, but it all feels rather disrespectful to the 40,000 plus people whose bones are in the church. They were hoping their bones would rest in holy ground, and they've been turned into really weird decorations.

In any case, pictures from the trip are here.


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