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Wow, I haven't updated this in a long time.

1. I made it back to the States and am visiting my parents for the greater part of the summer, in between traveling to see family and weddings. My parents' town is not London with all its entertaining distraction, so I should get a lot of writing on my dissertation done, in theory.

2. Kalamazoo & the International Congress on Medieval Studies happened! My paper went really well, and I might get to publish it! Also, I got kidnapped periodically by my professor to meet people, and also to discuss what I have been doing for the past year (I'm on target, apparently, hurrah!). And scholars that I quoted in my paper attended my session and liked my talk, so that was really exciting.

3. After returning from the conference, I got to actually unpack, because my dad's intern who had been staying with my parents moved into her own apartment, in preparation for her upcoming marriage at the end of the month. I suspect the next week and a half are going to be busy, since my parents are both involved.

4. We had friends with adorable 14-month-old twin boys who like to get into everything visiting this past (extended) weekend! I think everything breakable has been returned to its original location.

5. My parents and I went to see Star Trek tonight! We've been watching the series(es) since I was 5, apparently. I didn't realize the tradition went back that far, but Saturday night was always pizza and Star Trek night. We enjoyed the movie very much! And Mickey Smith joined Star Fleet in Future-London! One more excellent bingo connection!
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My parents sent me a cookbook that deals with food allergies in a package along with birthday presents. Yesterday I made Shrimp Creole, which was delicious, so I called my parents to tell them that.

Dad: Have you made Basil Rathbone Chicken yet?
me: Oh...
Mom: He means the Rosemary Basil Chicken recipe.
me: Yeah, I remember that. No, I haven't.
Dad: You need to go get your cookbook and cross out "Rosemary Basil" and write in "Basil Rathbone!"

Then I related that conversation to my brother.

Ethan: What. Our father, who art ridiculous.
me: Haha, yes.
Ethan: Pater noster, qui ridiculus est. Sorry, just had to figure that one out. I like that he wants you to deface your cookbook.
me: Me too. I probably will, on principle.

In less happy news, I've had to drop out of the International Medieval Congress in Leeds because departmental funding has been shaken up quite a bit. I still have funding for coursework next year, though, and that is the main thing for now. So no trip to England, but I'll probably be able to visit my parents for a longer period of time before classes start up again.
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The exciting news is that today I found out that I've been accepted as a panelist on the "Travel in Early Middle English Texts" session at the International Congress on Medieval Studies at Kalamazoo! As such, I will be presenting a paper based on part of my thesis there next May, and then I'll get to witness all the zaniness that I hear about first hand! And I'll get to see the professor who directed my thesis! It's all going to be terribly thrilling.

But first I need to survive this week.


Mar. 7th, 2009 07:59 pm
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Yay, the conference is done, there were lots of interesting papers, and I'm told that mine was good. Now I can have spring break! I already know what non-scholastic activities I want to do! (Go to the beach, if the weather stays nice!)
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If I survive this week, I might survive the rest of the semester.

- I have a presentation in class tomorrow (part of my horrible Wednesdays, I'm stuck in two back-to-back three-hour courses).
- I'm trying to turn in chapter three of my thesis... tomorrow. Erm.
- Everyone in the department has been roped into getting ready for Vagantes.
- I think my paper for that is done. I present on Saturday, regardless.

So. Yeah.

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