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The redeeming feature of having to go to the university to collect research books on the weekend is that you can watch the knights practicing on the green in front of the library. No horses, of course, and their armor's a bit iffy, but it's entertaining, nonetheless. Also incredibly random.
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As related by my roomate:
"You know how babichkas (grandmothers) are always yelling at Shanna and Laura about making sure their children are dressed warmly enough? Today I have proof that it's not just the babichkas. I was walking down the street and overheard two high school aged boys -- one turned to the other and said 'Put your hood up, you blankety-blanker! You'll get COLD!' Isn't that sweet? They do care about each other. They just have to cuss each other out in the process."

That totally reminds me of getting chewed out by babushki as a child in Ukraine when I wasn't wearing my mittens or some other essential.

I was on a tram, sitting down, when a babichka climbed on board. Now, you have to observe a code of chivalry on trams -- you stand up for people with small childern, older people, pregnant women, the injured, etc. (assuming, of course, that you don't fall into one of the categories, which I don't). There's the added complication that it's a delicate decision about who to stand up for. If you're a woman, most of the old men will refuse to take your seat. Sometimes the pensioners don't consider themselves old enough to be stood up for. And so on. So, on with my story. This babichka climbed onto the tram, and as I was considering standing up (there were people in seats closer to her than I was, so I didn't really need to worry), a middle-aged lady stood up for her. The babichka said, "No, no, that's all right." Then, looking at a teenaged boy sitting in the next seat, she smacked him a bit with her walking stick and said, "HE'LL get up!" Which he did, of course. When I told my roomate about all of this, her reaction was: "I want to be old enough to hit people with my walking stick!"

And one more unconventional use for walking sticks. While the tram line by my flat was ripped up (which it was for something like four months -- thank goodness they've finished repairs!), we had these X buses, which serviced generally the same area as the trams they were replacing. I was waiting for one of the buses, and when one showed up, the driver only opened the door at the front of the bus, instead of all three doors. This did not go over well with the people waiting along the side of the bus, and one older man took his walking stick and started smacking the side of the bus, until the driver opened the rest of the doors.


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