Dec. 11th, 2010 09:25 pm
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I finally got around to seeing The Secret of Kells, and I'm sure this will come as a great shock, but it is now one of my new favorite movies.

Special Collections has a gorgeous facsimile of the Book of Kells, it's full size and has everything reproduced, including the holes where moths ate through the membrane.

Next semester I'll probably get to go back to spending half of my time Special Collections - I only got to go in a few times this term for tangential research and the librarians say they miss me.

Now that everything is turned in and I finished helping Dr. J grade finals, I'm going to sit down and paint before I head home.
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Happy Easter!

I went to the 11am service this morning instead of the 5pm one, and now I will smell like incense for the rest of the day! This year I got my act together and got there early enough to get a seat in the nave (but just barely), not the choir loft like the past two years. (So many more people show up!) I sat next to this sweet old lady and her family and busy grandchildren. Very cute. The baby boy who was trying to eat his waistcoat was pretty hilarious. Then I went to the college-and-young-adult lunch at Fr. Wallace's house, also very nice and super delicious! The weather is absolutely gorgeous, which is great since we ate outside on their lawn.

Now I'm back at home and putting off finishing my presentation for medieval tomorrow. I'm nearly done with it. Therefore, I'm uploading-

that's collected over the last few months.

Two calligraphic works:

My brother's Christmas present.
I made that one during my palaeography course last year. It's not a standard script, I just made it up. The support is vellum! Dr. T was excited that I actually do calligraphy, so she gave me an extra sheet! I couldn't decide which text to work with, so I asked Ethan since he's wanted some of my calligraphy for a while. He asked for this poem by Yeats.

A wedding gift for my cousin.
He's in the Navy, and this is his favorite hymn.

And one illustration
My brother's birthday card this year.
So... This one may not make any sense because it's a joke from a conversation. I work with medieval manuscripts, and my MA thesis professor specialized in Apocalypses. He showed us several Apocalypses during a seminar, and one of our favorites was an image showing the Fourth Horseman, Death, riding along followed by a little hellmouth on feet.

Dr. F: "That thing has feet! Like bear claws!"
Dr. E: "Well how else is Hell supposed to follow Death around?"

I may have posted this one before
But in case I didn't, there are two versions on my website.
It's based on St. Basil's in Moscow.


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