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My parents sent me a cookbook that deals with food allergies in a package along with birthday presents. Yesterday I made Shrimp Creole, which was delicious, so I called my parents to tell them that.

Dad: Have you made Basil Rathbone Chicken yet?
me: Oh...
Mom: He means the Rosemary Basil Chicken recipe.
me: Yeah, I remember that. No, I haven't.
Dad: You need to go get your cookbook and cross out "Rosemary Basil" and write in "Basil Rathbone!"

Then I related that conversation to my brother.

Ethan: What. Our father, who art ridiculous.
me: Haha, yes.
Ethan: Pater noster, qui ridiculus est. Sorry, just had to figure that one out. I like that he wants you to deface your cookbook.
me: Me too. I probably will, on principle.

In less happy news, I've had to drop out of the International Medieval Congress in Leeds because departmental funding has been shaken up quite a bit. I still have funding for coursework next year, though, and that is the main thing for now. So no trip to England, but I'll probably be able to visit my parents for a longer period of time before classes start up again.
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1. my friends
2. water, and being in it
3. being alive in general
4. cake

Today I had my second annual birthday pool party (a bit early, my birthday is Monday and I will have survived 29 years, yesssss!) -- my apartment complex has a pool and I had such a good response last year that I decided it needed to happen again this year. I was a bit concerned that I didn't have enough food, but when my friends showed up, at least half of them brought food and/or drinks, so now I have more left over than I did to start with, including some really amazing cupcakes! It was an extremely good evening.

5. dancing

I went contra dancing last night, which is always fun, and next Friday there should be swing dancing on campus, so I'm definitely going to that!

6. my brother!

And then my brother called right when I got home!

mood: Photobucket <--one of my friends brought me balloons!
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me: ...I was telling my mother that the manuscripts I was working with [for my MA thesis] were defective Mandevilles. The I had to explain that there are several textual variants, and the defective one means that a section of the Travels somehow got dropped from the narrative. And then she said, "The Defective Mandevilles would be a really great band name."

Stephanie: And that is all I need to know to realize that your mom is awesome.
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My brother and I frequently use instant messenger to make ridiculous lists. This one was originally meant to address the fifteenth century, but we seem to have wandered into the sixteenth as well.

Ethan: I want to make an Everything I Know I Learned from 15th c. Monarchical Courts [list].
Don't hire anyone you like as a wine-taster, Eyebrows are optional. )


May. 29th, 2010 05:35 pm
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Apparently today is a day for several short, random posts.

But! In case anyone who reads this likes to knit (or crochet, etc.), I suggest that you join ravelry! I've been on for a while (I'm colorwheel there, in case you wanted to find me), and they have lots of great FREE patterns along with those for sale by designers. I got a (free!) pattern for the hat for my brother that I just finished there, along with many others. This hat is meant to look like one of those chompy monsters from the Super Mario games has gotten loose and chomped onto your head. It makes me laugh!

Of course, I wanted to make a colorful hat, but my brother said, "NO, I WANT ANOTHER BLACK HAT. IN FACT, WILL YOU MAKE ME ANOTHER HAT WITH SKULLS ON IT? I WEAR THIS ONE ALL THE TIME. IT MAY EVENTUALLY WEAR OUT!" To which I replied, "NO. No more skulls until that one actually falls apart. Then I'll make a new one. What about this chomp one instead?" Hopefully he'll send a picture and then I'll post it. According to the pattern, you were supposed to make a chain to connect at the top of the hat. (Of course, I rarely follow patterns exactly. Actually, the only thing I took from this pattern was the basic idea). We couldn't decide if that was good or not, so I had a brainwave and used a snap to make a detachable chain.
me: The chain dangling reminds me of a medieval liripipe. Sort of. Vaguely. It just does.
Ethan: hahaha
me: probably this is not the usual response.
Ethan: it WOULD remind you of something medieval.

Thank goodness for instant messenger programs. It makes cross-continental heckling of my brother so much easier.

I'm also making a hat for his girlfriend for her birthday. I refused to make it black. It's going to be gray, with pandas. I adapted the World Wildlife Fund logo. (They need to wear more color! I think the pandas will be colorful pandas).
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I have finally gotten ahold of a copy of C.S. Lewis' Til We Have Faces!

I'd been meaning to try reading something by Amy Tan for ages, so on the way to and from the conference I read The Hundred Secret Senses. That was fascinating, so I've also checked out Saving Fish from Drowning.

I re-read Murder Must Advertise, and I'm sure I'll continue to re-read the other Lord Peter Wimsey books over the summer as I can get them from the library. I love Dorothy Sayers' observations and opinions on human nature that she weaves into the narrative. In a similar vein, I've also checked out more of P.G. Wodehouse's Jeeves and Wooster books for re-reading. Bertie makes such a hilarious narrator.

All of this fiction is, of course, to make up for the fact that I don't get to sit down and read FOR FUN during the year. This summer I am taking that independent study on bibles moralisées, so I've also been reading the usual serious and technical stuff. Dr. G wants me to compile a bibliography and come up with some possible thesis statements for my dissertation, so I'm trying to decide how much I need to be reading (and annotating) and how much I can just put on the "to read" list. So far I do think it will be a good topic, but I need to do much more research before I can figure out how I'll want to address it.

Any suggestions for further summer reading?
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More news in cooking adventures: success! Xanthan gum did indeed keep this batch of chocolate chip cookies that I made with gluten-free flour mix from melting all over the place like the last batch. So, yay!

Nadia: Sarah had an exciting time baking a few days ago.
me: My cookies melted.
Shaun: ... How?
me: I'm not really sure, but I think I know how to fix it. Anyway, this batch is pretty deformed.
Shaun: Yeah... Those... look like, um, mutant cookies.
me: Yep, like I said, deformed. They still taste good though. I already fed a bunch of them to my friends at the movie night.
Shaun: Need help eating these ones?

I finally got around to starting my independent study on bibles moralisées. At least, I've read one major article and have compiled a decent bibliography that will be added to and annotated over the summer. Now I need to get cracking on that and studying German.

So far I've seen two summer movies!

1. Robin Hood. Obviously I had to go see this, and I enjoyed immensely, although not as a Robin Hood film - I thought it was enjoyable as a costume-very-vaguely-historical-story-with-fun-costumes. I must say I was very amused by the incorporation of the Magna Carta concept. One of the medievalists that I know from conferences had a funny take on the opening weekend numbers on her facebook- "Hello, film company! The reason your numbers were low on opening weekend was because most of your target audience was at the International Congress on Medieval Studies in Kalamazoo, MI!"

2. I finally got around to seeing Iron Man 2 today, and I enjoyed that one immensely as well.

I also want to see The Last Airbender, How to Train Your Dragon, and possibly Inception - the trailers for that one look pretty interesting. I'm sure there are more, but I can't remember them at the moment. Happily for my grad-student budget, movies are cheaper during the week, and some of them might end up at the dollar theatre.

In the meantime, it's really hot and humid. Go figure, it's Florida. While I cannot wait to move away (if I ever finish my PhD), I do appreciate the closeness of beaches! My friends and I have lined up a trip to the state park on the island for Memorial Day Monday!
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I've been using a non-gluten baking mix while I was doing this allergy diet thing, and my mother sent me a recipe for making a non-gluten flour mix. I'd made chocolate chip cookies with the bought mix, and figured that the one I made would work just as well. How wrong I was. My brother called up while I was mixing the cookie batter, but before I'd put any in the oven. When I took out the first batch, I found out that they'd pretty much melted all over the pan. So I mushed the baked dough into roughly cookie-shaped lumps, and figured I'd see how they turned out. Mostly, they looked like super-deformed lumps over chocolate, but they still taste good. However, I have now discovered that I need to add xanthan gum as a binding agent.

And then this conversation happened with my brother.

me: hello there
I think you somehow jinxed my cookies
they turned out funny
me: the first batch melted!
you and your Mildly Malevolent Plans!
Ethan: I have Infernal Cookie Destroying powers
I sold someone ELSE'S soul for infernal powers, so I got the discount line.
me: working up to greater evils, I see
but WHOSE soul?
Ethan: whose soul INDEED
someone who wasn't using it anyway
me: ahhhh
Ethan: like Dr. Faustus
me: that is pretty bad, selling someone else's soul
Ethan: after he got it back at the end of the book
cheap on craigslist
couldn't pass it up
me: oh man, craigslist has everything
Ethan: seriously
me: also I was making spaghetti sauce, but I didn't have tomato sauce, so I had to wing it with the can of diced tomatoes and chilis I had saved in the cupboard.
luckily I had everything else
you probably had something to do with that too
Ethan: yes
me: I knew it
Ethan: that falls under Mysterious De-Apparition of Produce
me: drat!
well, it turned out tastily despite your efforts
Ethan: drat.
me: I even offered to make you cookies!
if you were in town
Ethan: yes
but I became enraged when I realized that I would not be able to get to FL in 30 min
me: I thought it must have turned into one of those "if I can't have it, no one else can" things
Ethan: especially since I only got One-One-Hundredth League Boots out of the soul deal.
me: oh man!
you need better boots
Ethan: need to find a better soul
me: hmmm


May. 12th, 2010 09:07 pm
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I made it to Kalamazoo alive, after a reallllly early morning flight to Memphis, Chicago, a misunderstanding of meeting places, and carpool up to Michigan. I've already had pizza at Bilbo's, where most of the food is named after Lord of the Rings characters, and which has a sign out saying "Welcome Medieval Fest" (that caused some murmurs in the car, of course. "It's not a renaissance festival! We don't get to wear costumes!") Apparently eating at Bilbo's is a tradition with the carpoolers, as was playing "spot the medievalist."

I present tomorrow afternoon! (Eeeeeeeek!)

And I can meet Geoffrey Chaucer! Hopefully that won't conflict with any of the other things I'm supposed to be attending!
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The art department tech guys are my new heroes. They took apart my old laptop, fixed the drive, backed up all my files, then put the laptop back together and got it working again. And that was all after they were worried that the drive was fried and that they wouldn't be able to get anything off of it. So I've got my shiny new laptop all set up, transferred the files that I hadn't managed to back up, and everything is set to go!

Now I just have to finish my last presentation and papers.
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This has been an exciting semester for my appliances. First my phone died, so I had to buy a new one. Then my turn signal light burned out, so I had to replace that (and now I know how to change car lightbulbs, because I did it myself). Then one of tires went flat, so I had to have that fixed (the garage did it for free, which was impressive!). Now my computer died on me this morning. People at school are going to look at it tomorrow to see if it's fixable, but my laptop is six years old, so I'm not sure how that will go. In the meantime one of my friends loaned me his extra laptop, which is the tiniest thing ever! 9 by 7 inches! The apostrophe is in a completely different row.

I can't remember if our refrigerator died this semester or last semester. Either way, it's new!
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I had my presentation on my Gerald of Wales illustrated manuscript today, and it went swimmingly! So that's two down, one to go - next week it's the one for my Christine de Pizan course. So for the rest of the week I need to whip up a presentation for that one and start turning my Renaissance and medieval presentations into actual papers. Ones that can be turned in without disgracing myself, preferably.

I cannot wait for summer. I'm going to paint, and finish up some of the knitting projects, and rip up a blouse that I made ages ago and fix it. It's from a bought pattern that's based on a Chinese design, and I just don't like having things around my neck, so the collar has got to come off and the neckline is going to have to go a bit wider. Then I'll actually wear it more, which is the point. The fabric is this really pretty blue with dragonflies (yay fabric store! I miss you!)

Also I'll have time to study Latin and German (in case I fail the German reading test this term, which is entirely possible since I haven't had any time to study. Maybe I'll get lucky and pass).

In the meantime, everything is blooming here, which is gorgeous, and there's pollen everywhere, which is horrifying. Especially how after it rains (that needs to happen more) the pools of water look like radioactive green liquid has spilled everywhere. I have to admit that I do like the spring/fall weather down here, but I still intend on moving back north (if I can find a job!) once I finish grad school. Which is going to be a while. Sigh. But! Summer soon! Last summer was pretty amazing. Hopefully I'll get the same job again (mindless, but I'm not going to complain!), and I do have two conferences to attend, so that should be exciting.

EDIT: Oh and my flatmate is planning to conduct experiments on our spoons this summer, because we still have no idea how she managed to blow up those other three. This is what she plots while she thinks about papers. I plot sewing and painting projects, but I am all in favor of exploding spoon experiments FOR SCIENCE.
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Happy Easter!

I went to the 11am service this morning instead of the 5pm one, and now I will smell like incense for the rest of the day! This year I got my act together and got there early enough to get a seat in the nave (but just barely), not the choir loft like the past two years. (So many more people show up!) I sat next to this sweet old lady and her family and busy grandchildren. Very cute. The baby boy who was trying to eat his waistcoat was pretty hilarious. Then I went to the college-and-young-adult lunch at Fr. Wallace's house, also very nice and super delicious! The weather is absolutely gorgeous, which is great since we ate outside on their lawn.

Now I'm back at home and putting off finishing my presentation for medieval tomorrow. I'm nearly done with it. Therefore, I'm uploading-

that's collected over the last few months.

Two calligraphic works:

My brother's Christmas present.
I made that one during my palaeography course last year. It's not a standard script, I just made it up. The support is vellum! Dr. T was excited that I actually do calligraphy, so she gave me an extra sheet! I couldn't decide which text to work with, so I asked Ethan since he's wanted some of my calligraphy for a while. He asked for this poem by Yeats.

A wedding gift for my cousin.
He's in the Navy, and this is his favorite hymn.

And one illustration
My brother's birthday card this year.
So... This one may not make any sense because it's a joke from a conversation. I work with medieval manuscripts, and my MA thesis professor specialized in Apocalypses. He showed us several Apocalypses during a seminar, and one of our favorites was an image showing the Fourth Horseman, Death, riding along followed by a little hellmouth on feet.

Dr. F: "That thing has feet! Like bear claws!"
Dr. E: "Well how else is Hell supposed to follow Death around?"

I may have posted this one before
But in case I didn't, there are two versions on my website.
It's based on St. Basil's in Moscow.
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It's close to the end of term, and so everyone in my department is getting close to having breakdowns, because we're all giving presentations and scrambling to write our papers. (I have presentations this Wednesday, next Monday, and the Thursday after that, and my papers are due April 19, 21, and 27).

Anyway, the point is that no one's really thinking too clearly right now.

So I came home after class and was talking to my flatmate about papers and presentations, and the fact that she decided to go grocery shopping and clean her room today.

Then I went to the kitchen to see what I could make for dinner.

me: UUUMMMMMMMMM! Is this library book supposed to be in the refrigerator? It's by Augustine, if that makes any difference!

I heard a "thunk" and looked around the corner to where my flatmate, N, was hitting her head against the wall.

me: I take it that's a "no." Here's the book.
N: I spent forty minutes looking for that book!
me: It was on top of your box of celery. You must have put it away with the groceries.
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This afternoon I made enough jambalaya for twenty people. I feel accomplished!

Ten people ended up coming to the group that I made it for, so there was definitely enough.
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The important thing to know about today is that I had to chase a lizard around my room. I managed to catch it after much travail, and returned it to the wilds of outdoors. And then I had to put my room back together, because I pulled books off of my bookshelf, bins out from under my bed, moved houseplants, and displaced papers while in pursuit. The lizard wasn't anything to worry about - it was one of the tiny ones, only about two inches long, but I didn't want it taking up permanent residence in my room.

My flatmate thought it was hilarious, but helped by fetching containers with which to try and trap the lizard, and keeping an eye on where it was as I stumbled over my piles of books.

It's spring break for us this week! Which means lots of research that is uninterrupted by classes, but interrupted by things like socializing and movies. I'm a bit miffed with the weather right now, because I wanted to go to the beach for a day, and the weather can't decide if it wants to be sunny, or possibly rain. Oh well, I'll go this summer when it's hot. It would just be nice weather for walking up and down the beach at this point, which I would enjoy.

Also, my flatmate managed to explode another of my spoons. We still have no idea how. So I bought some more (inexpensive ones) and she has decided to restrict herself to the black-handled ones which have so far proved impervious to whatever it is that she does to make them explode.
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Dad, to my mother: You need to tell her about the doctor!
Mom: Oh yes. I had acupuncture this week. They put tiny, tiny needles between my toes, and- (she starts laughing).
me: What? Is Dad making faces?
Mom: He's huddled up holding his head.
Dad: I'm curled up in a ball!

My father doesn't do well with needles of any sort.

Dad: Are you going to watch the Super Bowl?
me: ...No. I wasn't even invited to any parties. I don't think anyone I know is watching it.
Mom: You didn't watch it last year either, did you?
me: No. I'm pretty sure no one I know watched it then either.
Dad: You're just not mainstream.

Honestly, the Super Bowl is the only football game they watch during the year. They just like the parties. The only sport we really care about is basketball.

Mom: Adam [my cousin who just got married] and Heather came through town and stayed with us and went to the basketball game! We tried to warn them about how loud it would be, and they were still shocked. Adam said the only thing louder that he's heard is being on the flight deck of a carrier when jets are taking off!
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Happy Advent!

I have updated my journal background accordingly.

Soon I'll get to visit my parents for Christmas break! I haven't been there since last Christmas.

(I have so much to do still!)
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The redeeming feature of having to go to the university to collect research books on the weekend is that you can watch the knights practicing on the green in front of the library. No horses, of course, and their armor's a bit iffy, but it's entertaining, nonetheless. Also incredibly random.
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I told my parents that they should start watching Merlin, and they have. So tonight I got a phone call.

Dad: Sarah!
Me: Hi Dad.
Dad: I have to tell you some important things for life!
Me: Oh yeah?
Dad: Merlin is Clark!
Me: Ahhhh. Yes...
Dad: And Gaius is Clark's mom and dad!
Me: Both of them.
Dad: And the Dragon is Jor-El!
Me: Haha!
Dad: When we started running through that and I realized that the Dragon was Jor-El, I had to call you!

I just realized that I told my parents to start watching Smallville as well, a long time ago. Whenever I watch it with them, my father always starts yelling at Clark: "Fly, Clark!!! Why aren't you flying???? FLY!" I keep telling him that I don't think it's going to happen, but he lives in hope.


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